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When you first see works of Nina Stoupina, the first sense you feel is 'home' or absence of it, in the constant movement she found her own language of symbols and layers. Through physical feeling of her works you can feel the fragile side of a woman artist but also her strong and wandering soul, that is why she express through mixed media and through creating layers and layers of stories she keeps in her memory.

Born and raised in Russia, where she graduated at Art Academy in Moscow, Nina finds her inspiration in her motherland. Influenced by russian avantgarde heritage and travels through every part of Russian Federation for work as a designer for carpet company, Nina also took a lot of inspiration from her travels through Asia. There she was introduced to asian traditional techniques and from that period she started using silk, paper, wax and liquid colour. Experimenting with mixed media and formats, just makes her unique and constantly changing her signature.

Her works are mostly monochrome and abstract and chaotic made her own visual identity. Nina also uses old photographs and her own writings creating layers that give even more personal, intimate note. In the later works, Nina also started to use more figurative style but the avantgarde note is still very visible.Last years she uses more colour, there is a lot of red/orange that derives from energy she has in herself. From drawings to paintings, she also works with objects and installations in different media but she is always faithful to her own personal symbols.

Since 1995, Nina lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. She organizes exhibitions in her own gallery, gives workshops ,take part in different artprijects and participate in art colonies or art residencies.

Concept "Displaced People"

The phrase "Displaced People" reflects the state of modern society, in constant daily changes, moving from place to place , from one context to another, whether in the real geographical space or space virtually of world mass media. For various reasons: political, social, economic, or as a result of military actions, natural disasters modern man moved away from usual context, culture and lifestyle. Therefore the essence of my art reflects the feeling of being excluded, suspended in a world that is constantly changing at a high speed. This dialogue with the audience and the redefinition of what is called the different forms of migration, displacement.

The paper on which I am working in our world of digital media is materialized idea, it may be the last attempt to extend the life of the paper time. The fragility of this material is organically connected with the concept of my art, it interprets the fragility of the world. Paper with the image are changing reality subject to distruction and damage which is the basis of practical and visual drama. Touching the silk surface I’m learning every time about the relations with the world. By means of collage, video, assemblage, painting, where landuage becomes illogic, disappearance of narrative, the connction of phisics and metaphisics, where an identical painting and text , where the photos introduces the noise of reality, where I use symbols of motion and memory – All only to display what I know...

Selection of exhibitions since 2003